Hand cut dura-lar, gesso, porcelain, metal,

(strip on each roll 236 ft) (small roll 36 ft)

66" x 19" x 6.25"



Bound is my interpretation of the human condition. Despite having

opposite opinions, the human race is bound to one another. Bound is

installed by measuring the height of two people standing shoulder to

shoulder. For this work, I used sheets of dura-lar on which black and

white gesso was poured and manipulated by directing its flow into

sprouting lines, representing paths to follow, cross, or get lost. The

prepared dura-lar is cut into strips, sewn together, and wound like a

film roll on porcelain discs symbolizing a documentation of one's life.

Lines intersect and connect sprouting more lines until the origin is

untraceable. The negative shapes are cut out making the

material fragile.